Thursday, August 6, 2009

The war on terror is over says the white house but was it even necessary to have a war on terror

Hey your in the dukect lounge sit back and relax for a while. Well the war on terror is over people so says the white house and, that's good right? I mean no more of those crazy colors warnings telling us we all going to die right? Probably not but its a nice thought though. Anyway saying the war on terror is over or rethinking it I believe is a great PR move for Pres. Obama. It shows that he realizes that moniker was a bad idea left by the former administration.

Terrorism is a tactic you cant have a war with a tactic even though this government has used terrorism in the past, but its a good start however, if the President wants to get serious about he would get our Army out of foreign country's and stop growing an empire around the world. But that wont happen will just keep going perceptual war and dept.But hey the war on terror is over, lets party

Hope ya enjoyed your self at the lounge see ya next time

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