Friday, July 3, 2009

friday night smackdown the best wrestling show no one is watching

Hey Dukect here with another serving at the lounge so kick back relax and enjoy the show.
WWE friday night smackdown has the best wrestling show by far we all know this. But question is why hasn't shown in the ratings. Well the main reason for this is the most obvious.It's on friday night the weakest night on a weekday lineup. I know smackdown is on a channel that most people don't know about or don't have. But I really think that being on friday nights puts it on very hard place to succeed.

I mean what do people do on a friday night most people go out to see a movie,play,or go out for drinks so you lose some fit not most of your audience there. Plus it doesn't help the fact that your on a network that when you reach a 2.0 that means your kicking ass.Also it doesn't help when your main show raw sucks so bad that people don't want to tune in on your other brands. My suggestion is that WWE switch show nights with Superstars so that so that people who do want to watch Smackdown but wont take away there social life and i think that superstars works better as friday show if you ask me why. Because in my eyes superstars would work a lot better as a week closer a true compilation of all of the brands best stuff of the week. But hey I could be wrong but is still think that smackdown would be better served on thursday than on friday

Well that it for this severing of the lounge so sorry it was late but i hope it was worth it


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