Sunday, August 23, 2009

NFL headed for lockout?

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Well it looks like that the NFL will have something in common with the NHL in a couple of years, and that is; a lockout. If you don't know what a lockout is go to Wikipedia look for it yourself, I'm not a damn dictionary I'm a blogger. So with that out of the way lets get back on topic and that is the dreaded NFL lockout. The main reason I'm dreading this lockout is of course no more pro football(I know that the new USFL is coming next year but y'all know what I mean) and I love pro football.

But it seems to me that the main lesson from the NHL lockout are being ignored my the NFL. And that lesson is if you piss off your fan base they'll leave you and may never come back to your sport even if their own team is winning. Then again the NHL bounced back with lower ticket prices but they still bounced back. Maybe that's something the NFL should try lowering ticket prices but that probably wont happen but that would be great right.

Anyway I still don't think a NFL lockout will happen because at the end of the day the NFL is an 8 billion dollar company and the NFL owners don't want to kill the golden goose right?

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