Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Problems I see in TNA and what I would to to fix them

Hey ya'll it's been awhile here so welcome back to the lounge.

Well TNA Wrestling has seen better days hasn't they with them getting their butts kicked on Monday nights and retreating back to Thursdays. This company has some big problems to fix so I have made some solutions to these problems

1. Don't Add but subtract

This is very simple TNA you already have a bloated roster why add to it and with that here are the 15 people I would cut 

1. Dr. Stevie


3.Scott Hall



6.Orlando Jordan

7.Sean Waltman



10.Christy Hemme



13.Jeff Hardy


15.Lacey Von Erich

These are the people I would cut because A: most of them are off tv and B:some of them are a PR nightmare ready to happen and C: one of them doesnt know how to wrestle gess witch one that is.

2.KISS(keep it simple stupid) 

Another problem TNA has is it storylines they needlessly complicate them to the point of insanity and my fix to this problem get rid of Russo This guy can't do any thing without complicate it.

3.A better main event scene

This a easy problem to fix all TNA has to do is to stop pushing the old guys to the title. Sting and RVD shouldn't be in the main event scene ok RVD can be there but not as champ people like Joe, Pope, Anderson ,AJ, and others should be the champ now TNA is a company that was an alternative now it's WWE lite no it's worse than that it's WWE attitude lite with it's half-baked ideas and countless swerves it's basically  unwatchable 

TNA Can be watchable again if they do these 3 things than can be an alternative again something that I can watch and not be ashamed. Thats all for me right now peace


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