Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The wwe realizes they have a PPV in two weeks right?

Hey yall Dukect here in the first ever Dukect lounge blog so take a seat relax and enjoy to show. Well last nights Raw was very good the matches were from good to great but thats not what im going to talk about here. I'm going to talk about what raw is going to be next week i mean A last man standing match on an commercial free raw with the wwe title on the line. At this point why not have the ppv shown for free its not like the bash has been a money maker for the wwe anyway so why the non commercial raw for usa?

Its a stunt plain and simple the ratings for raw has been teh suck for awhile so there doing this very stupid plan for there ratings to bump from 3.2 to 4.1 so will it work? In my opinion no oh it will have a bump for a while but it will fizzle out cause there's no substance oh sure raw has all the tools to be just as good as smackdown. But as long as young hot wrestlers get squashed like Randy Orton the show will suck. But back to my point next week raw will be commercial free and have a last man standing match for the wwe title.

HHH vs.Orton LMS on raw will be very good no doubt but they all ready have a match six days later on PPV. So if you watch raw next week and they have the LMS whats the point to pay 40 bucks on a regular match? Oh ok you got Hardy vs. Punk for the World title and Carlito & Primo vs Rhodes & DiBiase for the tag belts and more good stuff along the way but this HHH/Orton LMS really confuse me why have it on raw why not wait for the PPV ya know make it special.

But hey thats my opinion I hope ya liked this first serving at the Lounge I hope to see yall agian sometime


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